Find Your Voice Week 2 Part 1

This is my first page for week 2 of my scrapbook journey within the Find Your Voice workshop I’ve been following on Facebook.


I have to say, I’m well chuffed with the result! I chose to start with the basics, then for part 2 I intend to use the basic questions from the worksheet and do like a fact file. I also need to do a couple of pages (or more!) for lesson 1, so loads to do to catch up, but I’m really looking forward to this!

This week has been so mad, I need this weekend to chill out and do something I enjoy.

Drawings (girl, wings and cloud) on this page a from a kit from Ya Yeah at I printed them on normal paper then painted them with my watercolours I found in one of my long abandoned drawers! Found so much stash I already had. I am waiting for my new printer and a bunch of washi tapes I ordered to get cracking with my other pages. SO EXCITED!!!!! 🙂


That’s official, I’m gonna go paper scrapbooking!

Violetta (and all the girlies from the Find Your Voice workshop) really inspired me, and I’ve made a decision (that is probably gonna make my bank account look uglier than it is!) – I’m gonna try paper scrapbooking!!!
First step, I got my EZ Click binding unit out; I got it a while ago as I wanted to bind all the tutorials and ebooks I’ve printed over the last couple of years. Got it really cheap so I bought it, just to realise when I opened it that it didn’t punch paper!!! I kept it as it would have cost me more than what I’d spent to send it back, and lay under some piles of mess in my messy room.

I think it was meant to be!
Tomorrow, I’m going to dig out all the coloured papers and cards, hole punchers, stamps, shape scissors I’ve got somewhere in the house and get cracking with lesson 2 of the workshop.
So excited! 🙂
I’m gonna listen to you, Violetta: I’m gonna grab the stapler, markers and wrapping papers, and go CRAZY!!! Lol!

Finding My Voice – Week 1 Part 3 Life in Photos

I have started this way too late (yesterday!!!) but I’m still gonna share some photos I took this week.



DS time for James, playing with Snapseed, and pub meal on Tuesday (that’s James’s plate! Didn’t last long – like mother like son I guess!!)













My very busy Sunday: pyjama day studying, watching Star Trek DS9, James playing on MY ipad with old teddy keeping a benevolent eye, my favourite treat (strawberry flavoured liquorice), James doing his reading homework, my well-deserved cup of herbal tea (nettle at the mo as I suffer from hayfever; don’t know if it help but I’ll try pretty much anything now!! I’m that desperate!!! Lol!) and our evening DVD in bed “Despicable Me”, in preparation for Wednesday (we’re going to the cinema to watch “Despicable Me 2”, can’t wait! I don’t know who’s excited the most, James or me!)

Finding My Voice – Week 1 Part 2 My Storytelling Goals

Why do I want to tell my stories?

I’ve always wanted to keep a diary, but never really got round to it, for various reasons (time, commitment needed, I felt silly writing what was going on in my life as I viewed it as common).

When I started digital scrap booking a couple of years ago, I was focusing more on creating pretty pages and experimenting with techniques rather than actually telling a story. I followed challenges on a few digiscrap booking websites (and still do) as a way of learning and getting inspiration. On a lot of them, journaling was a requirement and, I have to say, I struggled like hell!! But little by little, I started to ask myself, why am I doing this? 99.9% of the pages I was doing were about my son James (sunshine of my life, my heart, my everything) and quickly came to realise that, without knowing, I was writing his story.

I want to remember him as he is now, as he was yesterday, and as he will be tomorrow. For me not to forget, as thinking about it, not recording the little things before, I don’t remember. I can’t remember when he first crawled, I can’t remember what his first word was, I can’t remember when his first tooth came out. I feel I’ve lost so much, I don’t want to miss what’s to come, and I also want him to remember, to help him grow.

In the same way, I want to remember who I am now, I want him to know, understand as he gets older, and hopefully learn and avoid the mistakes I made, so he can find peace and happiness in his life and in his heart.

Find Your Voice on Facebook

It all started with this. I never really had the idea of writing a blog, it seemed too complicated, take too much time and I didn’t feel like I had that much to say.
The Find Your Voice workshop on Facebook appealed to me as I always felt I was struggling with my writing; when I heard about this workshop on a Daily Digi email, I decided to give it a go to give me ideas, inspiration and the opportunity to explore new ways of writing. Plus, it is free, ideal! Really can’t go wrong there, can I?
And here I go, creating my blog this morning! I have to say, I’m quite chuffed about it, and I’m really looking forward to expand it to tell my story and hopefully find my voice…