My Digi Scrapbooking Pages

I love digital scrapbooking. I have been doing it since 2011. I started with a free version of Serif CraftArtist on the Daisytrail website, quickly got hooked and moved on to Photoshop Elements and then CS5 in 2012. Now I’m totally addicted; I would wear a Photoshop T-shirt proudly!! LOL! I even use it at work to create menus, posters, leaflets, tickets, etc.

I am currently following the challenges of 2 websites: and

Here are links to my galleries if you want to have a look at my pages:

My Lilypad Gallery

Some examples:

have a little fun

my heroes

someone up there watching over me

a blast from the past


My Sweet Shoppe Gallery

Some examples:

enjoy little things

April Faves 2013

challenge 21 ssd june13 2 candid photos

challenge 1 ssd june13 summer activities

challenge 11 ssd june13 disney quote 1

challenge 30ssd june13 grid at least 16 squares



















Hope you like them! Enjoy!


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