Finding My Voice

Find Your Voice – Week 1
Who am I?

I made this page last month, using loads of adjectives to describe myself. The colours define me too: red (things got to get moving!), black (my “dark side”, when I feel down, and also, for some reason, I’ve always been moved by songs and stories about pain, loneliness, failure to be understood – which is probably why I got into telling my story now. My favourite book is “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” by Carson McCullers, and my favourite song writers are Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Morrissey, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave) and white (I can be so zen sometimes that I amaze myself!!! I have managed to get to a certain peace with myself recently, as I am more conscious of getting older – and wiser hopefully! – and also thanks to yoga, yogalates and relaxation techniques). I chose grey as a background paper for my page, as a reminder that this world and people alike, are so many shades of grey. I hope this page makes sense and helps you understand who I am, as, funnily enough, while I was doing this page, it helped me understand more who I really am.

What are my storytelling goals?

Part 3 – Life in Photos

I’m going to do it! Paper, scissors, staples, here I come!!!I’m going to do it!

Week 2 Part 1 HERE

Week 2 Part 2 HERE

Week 3 Part 1HERE

Week 3 Part 2 HERE

Week 4 Part 1 HERE

Week 4 Part 2 HERE

Week 5 Part 1 HERE


8 thoughts on “Finding My Voice

    • Hi Emily, tried to comment on your blog as wordpress user but it won’t let me do it 😦 just wanted to say, love your blog and your scrapbooks, so awesome. I am digi simply because I can’t be trusted with scissors and glue, but I’d love to be able to create scrapbooks like yours. Awesome!

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