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Well, it’s been a while!!!

Over a year since I last wrote on this blog! I’ve been a busy bee!!
I’ve always loved creating but was convinced that I wasn’t really good at it. Turning 40 gave me the push to seriously explore my creativity and act on it, because I thought, 1) even if I’m not good at it, I still enjoy it so what the hell!! And 2) if I’m not good at it, I can always learn and improve.
I signed up for CD Muckosky’s two online classes, “Lettering Styles” and “In the Studio”, a year-long creative journey. I also discovered Jane Davenport’s art lessons and videos, Martha Lever’s “Drawing the Girls” workshop, Craftsy online classes, Pan Pastels, paint pens, Prismacolor pencils and art markers, and, boy, am I a long way from stick men!!!! Lol!!
I’ve also decided to create a Facebook page and a blog of creative challenges, called thecreativechallenges50, to encourage people to create at their own level, have fun with it and grow (as practice makes perfect, right?!). Not all the 50 challenges are there yet, but I’m working on it, slowly!!
Now you’re gonna say, what on earth made her write this post after over a year ignoring this blog?!!! Well, I’ve just read a post from Jennybellie (click here to read it)that blew my mind totally; it’s about creative roll, creating every day and keeping a log of it.
This blog was created originally for the Finding Your Voice Facebook workshop. And, from now on, this is exactly what I’m gonna use it for, documenting about FINDING MY CREATIVE VOICE AND GROWING.
Until next time…. Xxx

First attempt at zentangling!!!

I saw a while ago on mixedmedia website, some zentangle/zentangle-inspired designs, and that intrigued me!! Don’t need much, I know! I ordered the book One Zentangle A Day and went to collect it this morning. I flicked through the pages as I was waiting for the bus and was totally mesmerised! Some of the designs, I’m thinking, not in a zillion years I’ll be able to draw that, but quite a bit of the stuff I thought I could manage. The official format of a Zentangle seems limiting to me, but I see it as a fantastic and original way to fill in shapes and create interesting alphas with bulky letters for my art journaling and my crafting!
Here are my first attempts: one Zentangle, and one Zentangle-inspired-art letter (J for James!):



That’s most definitely something I want to teach James, to encourage him to write and draw in his “secret diary”, but also something I’m looking forward to doing with him this summer when I go to France. Very relaxing! I like it! 😉

Find Your Voice Week 5 Part 1

Week 5 of the Find Your Voice workshop, already!! Time flies way too fast for my liking!!

This week’s lesson is all about design and style preferences. I went through all the questions and I just can’t manage to answer them. My answer is more of a global thing to be honest.

I love grid style layouts, with geometrical pattern.

I love fun layouts with bright fun colours or girly colours.

I love the effect of black & white photos combined with bright colours.

I LOVE DOODLES!!! When I buy digikits, I always look for different themes in doodles (even though not exclusively); I like the fact that in some kits you can get the doodles as “stamps” (no colours) so that you can colour them any way you want to (in Photoshop, or if I do paper crafting – as I am now hooked, I’m even bringing a bit of my stash when I go to see my mum this summer!! – I’ll use watercolours to give it a soft effect or felt or oil pastels for a more dramatic effect). Also, doodles are so easy to do yourself. I’m not particularly a good drawer but doodles I can always manage (simple ones that is!! LOL!). Kristin Tweedale put a link on Facebook of Brainstorm designs, 100% DOODLES! That’s it, I’m in love!!! I found their designs really inspirational and can’t wait to try.

As far as names are concerned, I don’t really single out, I like quite a range of styles, really. the above are just the ones I feel comfortable with. I’ve never tried art journal and I greatly admire the layouts from Dalis (on thelilypad gallery and sweetshoppedesigns websites, she’s done quite a few art-journal-style digi layouts and they are amazing; I also love her other layouts, they are really fun and eye catching. I love her sense of humour on her pages; even the sad ones). That’s something I would like to try to do on paper; it’s gonna be trial and error!!

overwhelmed-72ppi.jpg   IamTakingTheTrashOut-72ppi.jpg  CheaperThanTherapy-72ppi.jpg  spreadYourWingsAndFly-72ppi.jpg  howdoIloveYou-72ppi.jpg  lifeLemons-72ppi.jpg

Also I really like chocochoco layouts (at theshabbyshoppe); they are simply unbelievable! The page is full of embellishments clustered together (and when I mean full, I mean FULL) and it just works to simple, unmistakable perfection. I’ve always been really rubbish with clustering. I have tried a few times as on a couple of digi challenges I did it was a requirement, but each time I struggled like hell. I got a e-course on Big Picture Classes website, “Clustering Like a Pro” by Aaron Morris aka “Sir Scrapalot” a while ago. It is a great class, really worth it. It really helped me, as it got me to understand the simple rules of layout balance better (even though I still chuck elements randomly here and there!!). But I feel I’ll never be able to do a page like chocochoco’s. I just don’t have the design eye for it. Shame 😦

When_I_Was_2.jpg  My_Beautiful_Guardian_Angel.jpg  Big_Heart.jpg

I’m not really sure yet what style I’d like to emulate, probably Dalis’s art journal, but on paper. Any ideas, tips on how to do it, techniques, tools necessary? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks 😉 xxx

Find Your Voice on Facebook

It all started with this. I never really had the idea of writing a blog, it seemed too complicated, take too much time and I didn’t feel like I had that much to say.
The Find Your Voice workshop on Facebook appealed to me as I always felt I was struggling with my writing; when I heard about this workshop on a Daily Digi email, I decided to give it a go to give me ideas, inspiration and the opportunity to explore new ways of writing. Plus, it is free, ideal! Really can’t go wrong there, can I?
And here I go, creating my blog this morning! I have to say, I’m quite chuffed about it, and I’m really looking forward to expand it to tell my story and hopefully find my voice…