Well, it’s been a while!!!

Over a year since I last wrote on this blog! I’ve been a busy bee!!
I’ve always loved creating but was convinced that I wasn’t really good at it. Turning 40 gave me the push to seriously explore my creativity and act on it, because I thought, 1) even if I’m not good at it, I still enjoy it so what the hell!! And 2) if I’m not good at it, I can always learn and improve.
I signed up for CD Muckosky’s two online classes, “Lettering Styles” and “In the Studio”, a year-long creative journey. I also discovered Jane Davenport’s art lessons and videos, Martha Lever’s “Drawing the Girls” workshop, Craftsy online classes, Pan Pastels, paint pens, Prismacolor pencils and art markers, and, boy, am I a long way from stick men!!!! Lol!!
I’ve also decided to create a Facebook page and a blog of creative challenges, called thecreativechallenges50, to encourage people to create at their own level, have fun with it and grow (as practice makes perfect, right?!). Not all the 50 challenges are there yet, but I’m working on it, slowly!!
Now you’re gonna say, what on earth made her write this post after over a year ignoring this blog?!!! Well, I’ve just read a post from Jennybellie (click here to read it)that blew my mind totally; it’s about creative roll, creating every day and keeping a log of it.
This blog was created originally for the Finding Your Voice Facebook workshop. And, from now on, this is exactly what I’m gonna use it for, documenting about FINDING MY CREATIVE VOICE AND GROWING.
Until next time…. Xxx


One thought on “Well, it’s been a while!!!

  1. Hi Christelle,
    I too signed up for both of CD’s classes adn have found myself completely disappointed. I’m just wondering if anyone is feeling the same way or is you have any suggestions on how to handle it. Feel free to email me.

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