Find Your Voice Week 5 Part 2 Art Journal Page

For my crafting prompt task, this week I decided to explore with art journal style design. I never tried it before but always admired art journal pages. I’m not particularly good at drawing (apart from hearts, doodled flowers and smiley faces!) so that’s always been a style I sadly thought I could never do. I decided to give it a go for this week’s prompt of the workshop. I found the mixed media website daisyyellowart where I found loads of tips to get started and examples. I got my alpha stickers and stencils, sharpie marker, watercolours, acrylic paints and brushes out, grabbed a sheet of bubble wrap and started painting and stamping happily! For my face, I printed a black and white photo of myself (from my Hipstamatic app on my iphone); I edited it on Photoshop first to reduce the opacity to 40% so that it’s not to harsh, then painted over it with watercolours. Et voila!

I’m real chuffed with the result I have to say! Love the whole effect of the page. It definitely gave me the confidence to do more, as this type of design has always appealed to me.


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