Find Your Voice Week 4 Part 1

This week, the challenge is to think about storytelling styles, what stories we want to tell and to whom.
I want to tell my story and James’s for us to remember, and who knows when I’m dead maybe he will tell his children and grandchildren about me, but with something to show them. My dad died almost 4 years ago, and even though he used to tell us stories about himself, there’s a lot I have forgotten and wish I had put on paper at the time. There’s a lot about him I don’t know because I was too scared or embarrassed to ask, and now my heart is full of regrets of things I should have said. I don’t want James to have the same feeling after I’m gone. It might sound a bit morbid but, deep inside, we all tell our stories to be remembered by the people we care about. This is the stories I want to tell, big and small, life changing and small details, but most of all REAL.
A lot of my favourite books are quite different styles of writing, but most of them are about pain, struggle, suffering and loneliness, because I can feel and identify with what the characters feel, we all do I think, as it’s through hardship you build your character, it shapes who you are. My favourite books are “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter”, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “The Color Purple”, “The Bluest Eye”, “l’Etranger” (Albert Camus). I like dialogues, anything that feels real. I can’t stand descriptions that last for pages as my attention span gives up rapidly!!! Real is the word for me, even if it’s in a fantasy setting. I think that’s one of the reasons why I love Star Trek so much; the idea of a future where there is no poverty, where people live peacefully and everyone works not for accumulating money but to better themselves, is very hopeful and appealing to me in general. But as you watch the episodes, each character is revealed deeper and deeper and you get to understand them, cry with them, fear with them, and this makes them so real that it makes this future seem so possible you just want to hang on to it. No wonder Trekkies have been seen as weirdos by “outsiders” over the years; you have to experience it to feel it.
That’s what I want my stories to be like. I find it hard to tell about my hardships, and that is something I need to work on. It’s probably why I love reading it so much; it feels like someone else has worded it for me.
The story I have decided to tell is a conversation I had with my son a couple of weeks ago (it was very random!!!). I don’t usually use dialogue on my pages when I (digi)scrapbook so the first version is a new style for me.

I will start the second version of this story tonight and will scrap it and post it as soon as. Suspense!!!
Thanks for reading! Xxx


3 thoughts on “Find Your Voice Week 4 Part 1

  1. An excellent list of questions and I have to admit his logic is pretty spot on isn’t it. I love your page and this will be a great one to show him as he gets older. Conversations are one of the few things I scrapbook but having had alot of Twitter and FB chats recently I’m beginning to record those,
    Jo xxxx

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