Find Your Voice week 3 part 2

Today I got inspired by a trip to Paperchase in Cardiff. Had a look around and found other bits and bobs to add to my scrapping stash, and decided to used some of them for my pages.


I’ve decided to use loads of happy colours on my HAPPY pages. James’s favourite colour is orange and that clearly defines him: bright, happy, shining, energetic and always giggling. I never used to like this colour, I’ve always been more of a black/red/pink person, but as years go by, I have to admit orange is a colour that lifts my soul and invariably makes me happy, maybe because it reminds me of James and also my pregnancy while expecting him; I was always pestering my boss to leave her orange peels on the desk as the smell made me feel better, and I quickly got addicted from it – to this day, orange is one of my all time favourite smells. I need it around to feel happy and zen.
Somehow I think this is all linked for some reason; it all seems to make sense to me. It feels that it is not just our stories that tells about us, but also all those little details, like little clues on a treasure hunt and, funnily enough, they all seem to be entwined somehow to tell who we are.
For the first page, the quotation is a post from Jenny Lens Facebook page (can’t remember which day, but it struck me and I wrote it down in my notebook to remember it). It just seemed so appropriate, as in this life, there seems to be mostly obstacles, people dragging you down, bitching behind your back or betrayal, and, to me, it seems like a waste of time focusing on these as, if I did, I’d barely have the time to live my life, do the things I enjoy and make the most of the people I love and care about. Long ago it just made sense to me to just be aware of the bad and the ugly, but focus 200% on the good and the happy, because at the end of it all, that’s all that really matters. I think I feel more and more this way as I’m getting older and genuinely feel time passing me by, and I just refuse to waste a moment on all the crap (pardon my French, but oh it’s not French! Oh well never mind then!!!). That’s been my philosophy now for a few years, and that’s what made me survive this long! The way I see it, it does not change a thing behind sad and miserable, all you got to do is do something about it to make yourself and people you care about, as happy as you can possibly.


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