Find Your Voice week 3 part 1

Here is my first scrapbook page for week 3:

Really loved doing this page. The photos are printed weirdly as my old printer was slowly dying! I’ve received my new one (at last – hooray!!!) and it prints amazing quality, but I still decided to keep this prints as I kind of liked the stripy effect and also they are the last prints I’ve made with my ancient lexmark; I see it as the end of an era!
The theme of the workshop for this week was to scrap about something that makes us happy and how it fits with our storytelling goals. Well, digiscrapping, and now paper scrapping, stitching and creating makes me happy so I included all these in my page. I’m a BIG polka dot fan, hence the girly pink dotted background paper, another thing that makes me happy. But also more importantly than all these things, my son James and the relationship we have, is most definitely the sunshine of my life. Watching him play, sleep, eat, anything, makes me happy; I feel light and somewhat worry-less (only somewhat!!!) my heart is singing and i can’t help but smile. We have a fantastic relationship: I am the mum (quite bossy most of the time, but being on my own with him, I think I kinda have to) but we have fun together (we’re as weird, mad, silly as each other!!! Birds of a feather flock together!!! Lol!) and sometimes he’s the adult (I can swear quite a bit and when I do, he tells me off proper and enjoys it as it’s his go at being a bossy pants!!!)
Now it all fits perfectly with my story telling goals. As I want to tell my story, his story, and our story together, for me and him to remember, This page made perfect sense to me.
I’ll have a go at page 2 tomorrow. I already know pretty much what I want to, but I’m not telling! That’d be cheating ;-)!!!!


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