Find Your Voice Week 2 Part 2

A few more pages for my scrapbook; I’m on a roll!
For the time being I’ve been trying to manage with the stash I already had, but I feel quite restricted in what I can do as I keep thinking of all the washi tapes and stamps I ordered and also my new printer (which I haven’t received yet! Grrr!), and I can picture all the possibilities ahead of me and can’t wait!!!
Here is what I’ve done for week 2:




I also made a start on Week 1 so I can have some pages in my scrapbook as well. I chose to start with lyrics that move me and in which, in some way, I see a bit of myself, as music is an important part of my life (even if I can’t play an instrument – yet!!). Some songs have helped me heal, grow, learn about myself, express things in me I couldn’t even recognise. That’s why it seemed to me a logical choice to start my first page of week 1 with this:



3 thoughts on “Find Your Voice Week 2 Part 2

  1. I love the stories you have told, especially the one behind your name. Definately inspired me to look mine up 🙂 The colours are lovely in your album.

  2. I’m jealous – I still haven’t had time to get my journal designed! Tonight, definitely doing some work on it tonight. I love how you added song lyrics to the mix. I hadn’t thought about that, but now it makes perfect sense. Music is such an important part of my life that it seems only natural to add in some of my favorite songs. Thanks for sharing your stories!

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