That’s official, I’m gonna go paper scrapbooking!

Violetta (and all the girlies from the Find Your Voice workshop) really inspired me, and I’ve made a decision (that is probably gonna make my bank account look uglier than it is!) – I’m gonna try paper scrapbooking!!!
First step, I got my EZ Click binding unit out; I got it a while ago as I wanted to bind all the tutorials and ebooks I’ve printed over the last couple of years. Got it really cheap so I bought it, just to realise when I opened it that it didn’t punch paper!!! I kept it as it would have cost me more than what I’d spent to send it back, and lay under some piles of mess in my messy room.

I think it was meant to be!
Tomorrow, I’m going to dig out all the coloured papers and cards, hole punchers, stamps, shape scissors I’ve got somewhere in the house and get cracking with lesson 2 of the workshop.
So excited! 🙂
I’m gonna listen to you, Violetta: I’m gonna grab the stapler, markers and wrapping papers, and go CRAZY!!! Lol!


One thought on “That’s official, I’m gonna go paper scrapbooking!

  1. Good luck Christelle! There’s a billion dollars of supplies and inspiration out there–don’t try to buy, see, try it all. Just do what speaks to your heart. The important thing is that your projects tell YOUR story! 😀

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