20 Things About Me

  1. French
  2. Been living in Wales (UK) for more than a decade. It is my adopted country
  3. Trekkie, and proud to be
  4. Single mum
  5. Headbanger
  6. Love my son James more than anything in the whole wide world
  7. Photoshop and digital scrapbooking addict
  8. Love learning new things
  9. Love my job (Office Administrator)
  10. Don’t like to leave things unfinished
  11. Food obsessed
  12. Hipstamatic addict
  13. Will learn to play my bass guitar one day
  14. Waiting for my “ALL WHITE” hair so I don’t need to have highlights anymore
  15. Really wish the world and people in general would make more sense
  16. Love so many things, the list would be too long
  17. Neither black nor white, but a zillion shades of grey
  18. Love pyjama days
  19. Favourite smells: lavender, vanilla and orange (separately!)
  20. Need more hours in the day, every day

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